Packaging Waste Service

Eco-Smart Consultancy offers a producer responsibility service for packaging waste to help companies through the minefield of reporting their obligations via a compliance scheme.

Consultants with vast knowledge of different industry sectors and numerous years of experience in the Packaging Waste and Packaging (Essential Requirements) regulations can assist clients.

Waste Packaging Regs

Producer Responsibility (Waste Packaging) Regs.

You must comply with packaging producer responsibility obligations if your business handles more than 50 tonnes of packaging in a calendar year and has a turnover of more than £2 million (based on the previous financial year). If your recovery and recycling obligation is more than 500 tonnes, you must submit an operational plan to the the Environment Agency. Your operational plan must show how you intend to comply with the regulations. You can either join a compliance scheme or follow the allocation method.

Eco-Smart Consultancy can help calculate your obligation returns, making sure you have correct categorisation of packaging, a clear audit trail and clear indication of methodology.

Eco-Smart Consultancy are also able to offer the following regarding the Waste Packaging Regs:-

• Calculation of Obligations, establishing procedures and IT systems, and training for future calculation.

• An independent audit of your own Obligation calculations.

• Guidance on reducing your Obligation under the Regulations.

• Advice on the most appropriate Compliance Scheme or help with registration with the Environment Agency.

• Specific advice for multi-site operations.

• Compliance with the Essential Requirements Regulations including packaging minimisation, heavy metals content analysis, and record keeping.

• Guidance on reducing your Obligation under the Regulations.

• Advice on course of action to comply with the BRC/IOP Global Standard for Food Packaging & Packaging Materials.

• Expert opinion on packaging standards.

If you require expert advice on how your company should be complying with the latest legislation then contact Eco--Smart Consultancy on 01234 273567 or email